The murder rate in New York City has risen 33 percent from last year. These are just the reported numbers. Who knows how many unreported murders have happened.

The city is under siege. People are running wild knocking people out during the knockout game. Racial attacks are widespread. The streets are filled with garbage and there are trashcans burning on the streets of Manhattan.

The police are seizing less guns because they were told to stop searching thugs on the street. The word is out amongst the street thugs that they can walk around the city carrying guns because the lawyers have prevented the cops from searching them.

There are shootings every day. People are being killed all over. The streets are filthy. The newspapers are not even covering most of this.

Here is an article. There is already a 33 percent rise in murders. Will it get worse under De Blasio?

How bad will it get before a new mayor is elected? How bad will it get before the Natiional Guard comes in to stop the murders? Will they let most of New York City go the way of detroit?