I really didn't want to speak about this issue, but I
felt like I had to. First of all, I'm in Vhong's side. Even
though people kept accusing him of being unfaithful
to his girlfriend.

An actual footage was uploaded in youtube, and I gained
strength and courage to watch it, because I didn't want to
see how the person who I've been admiring to since child,
in pail and hurt.

Here are my insights about this incident.

1. Why would the girl ask the one who beat Vhong, to beat
him up?
Probably, because she felt like Vhong only played with her
feelings and she didn't like the way that it felt so he wanted
to blackmail and hurt him so that he'll probably break up
with his current girlfriend. That way they'll be together.

2. Why did Vhong come to her condo unit?
First of all, he was asked to. The fault of his was he went,
even though heart and body he was in a relationship. But
in his mind, I believe that he was concern about the girl
so he wanted to make up with her, he even brought food
in the actual footage.

3. Who is the victim?
Of course, I strongly believe that Vhong is the victim, there
might be no innocent, for Vhong's part he also commited
something that brought him to it, and for the girl's part,
the wrong accusation and lies she said against Vhong
should be penalized. And the truth, should be spreaded.

Men are men, and women and women. Without the girl's
flirtation or act of ''youknowwhat'' he wouldn't be tempted
to do anything. Just like how friends should be friends and
when friends are added with ''youknowwhat'' that is when
it becomes ''F''riends.

Stay Strong and Happy, Keep Bubbling! Love Cress xx

Photo Credit: I own the photo :)