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i fail to understand what would be the state of his mind while he planned for this...i mean one needs guts to even think about immolating yourself

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&Link10103 That's exactly how I feel. I read a quote one day that said, "You don't actually want to die, you really want to be saved" and I think that seems true in Vince's case...there was at least a DAY's worth of time for someone to do something to stop him, and no one did. I'm positive that that was discouraging as hell for him.

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Now that he actually went through with it, people suddenly decide they want to be supportive and help him? As good as that is for the bills, its disgusting. The fact that he waited until the weekend was up probably meant he wanted someone to at least try to stop him.

There are people who joke about stuff like this and end up in the hospital on suicide watch because someone they didnt even know reported it. He gives the details to his plan and no one bats an eye.

No hope for humanity

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There is something clearly going on with him in his own brain. No one may ever know why he chose this route but his family and friends need to continue to be as supportive as they have been.

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Good Lord, how awful. How bad do you have to feel about life to do something like this? Poor kid. I feel bad for everyone!

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