Super Bowl Ring Trivia

I figured Super Bowl trivia would be too easy, so here goes some trivia on their rings. The answers are below; see how many you can get right.

1. Who has the biggest Super Bowl ring?

2. Who helped design the Super Bowl rings? (hint: coach)

3. What trophy is the inspiration for the shape of diamonds in many rings?

4. What is the cost to make a ring?

5. How many rings for the winning team?

6. The player that won the most Super Bowl rings?

7. First black quarterback to win a Super Bowl ring?

8. Played for 3 different teams and won a SB ring for each, who is the only one?

9. Third Super Bowl, the losing team won what?

10. Precious stone most used in SB ring?

Answers: Wm Perry, size 25; V Lombardi; V Lombardi Trophy; $5,000; Seventy; Charles Haley; Joe Gilliam; Matt Milan; watches; diamonds.

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