Has technology sped up or slowed down in the last five years?

There is no doubt in my mind that technology has came a long way since the first TV in 1925. But recently I see myself confused as to the technology growth.
I think this is down to many mobile phone makers making phones newer to the last model with very little else in it, they might have stretched it a bit, and made it weigh less but is that actually technology developing or is it just them stalling and making cash whilst working on something really cool?

Its not just the mobile phone makers doing this though, televisions now with plasma, then LCD and now led. But do any of these actually make a huge difference?
Sadly, in my eyes it doesn't. And i would never pay twice or even three times the price of a regular television to have these features installed.

More companies should use the morals Sony and Microsoft do with the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Instead of releasing a new model twice a year they have released their consoles somewhat 4 years after the predecessors where born. And actually, you can see a huge leap in depth, clarity and all in all a life like experience for any user.

Price Tags:
One huge downside to the new tech is that the prices are raising year on year well above inflation. if you think in 2003 you would pay around £120 for the top of the range phone. But now it is around £500-650 per phone. I think this is why mobile phone contracts and weekly payment stores such as bright house have become so popular recently. This could even be a factor in the recession.

Back to technology growth, i think the one thing being brought in the right direction is tablets. These are such handy devices and have allowed for big competition from the Chinese market bringing the prices down allot lower than they should be. I think this shows big companies like apple up. Yes, you do get more features and higher clarity etc but you can pick up a chinease 7" tablet pc for just £30 whereas you will pay around £500 for an ipad, how anyone can justify a seventeen fold increase i do not know.

What are your views and opinions on this? do you think technology has come a long way recently? or do you think it is a stall for companies running out of ideas?