The year of the snake has already started. The Chinese Horoscope usually associate a snake`s behaviour to a person born of the year of the snake. Snakes are pretty and just lying on their spot to sun and persons born on this year are calm and relaxed.
The general rule is when we don`t disturb a snake it will not harm us. Snakes blend with nature and it doesn`t really seek for attention but when bothered we better watch out.
In chinese astrology they say that dragon evolved from the snake and calls snake the little dragon. So this means that snake is a good zodiac sign just like the dragon.
The traits of a year of the snake person resembles the snakes characteristics. Usually people are afraid of snake. Snakes are given and treated in healthy respect. Snake same as people who was born on the snake year wants a quiet and stress free life but when disturbed they become stressed and angry.So it only means that a snake person`s were composed and patient and doen`t lose temper at once. They usually think and make their decisions rational. Mostly are decisive once in a while especially when they made up their minds, the strike quickly. Snakes are loners and looking for their young but when they grow up you`ll never see a snake that comes home to his family thus same with the person who was born in the year of the snake. Snake person are loner but doesn`t live alone just comfortable with their friends or company. Snake person are usually reserved and aloof and shyness. As many could say that snake is smart so do the person born in this chinese zodiac sign, they are more schemer that they sets their goal and usually get what they want and when its done they attained what they want and they discard just same when the snake changes or shred it`s skin. This is the characteristics of a person born in the year of the snake....