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i just found out some thing about this site and going to do a update post on it today.

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Same here. This site screams scam to me. I am working on earning there just to cash out and prove its a scam. I can't find anyone online that has actually gone through with this site. &divafreedom I've mentioned on a couple of your other post that you are not allowed to post your affiliate links on you posts. You need to remove them, because you will forfeit your Bubblews payments.

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I've googled this site and most say it's probably a scam. You know you have to pay THEM first before they'll pay you? I, too, signed up and in two days I'm up to $54. Seems too good to be true. I've yet to find anyone, other than those that are listed on their site, that has gotten paid. I found one complaint saying they cashed out and never got paid. I'm going to continue to earn but I need more proof of payment before I send them money to upgrade to premium to cash out.

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