Today, a friend sent me a news clip about snow In Indonesia. Indonesia is located in the tropics and the temperature here is about 30C. Often it can get even warmer than this. Just like Malaysia, where I come from, there is sunshine all year round and seasonal rainfall. It is humid.

When I first read the article on the snow in Indonesia, my initial reaction was to declare that it as a hoax. Snow in sunny Indonesia? No way. I tried to Google it but got nothing. This must be another Facebook prank, I reasoned.

But when I really thought about it, I began to wonder if it was just possible for this to happen. After all the weather seems to gone astray all over the world. It is an ice box in Canada and North Eastern America. Australia seem to have gone the other way with extremely high temperatures.

These last few days has also been cooler in Malaysia. Some towns have recorded 23C and this is very rare for Malaysia. Just like in Indonesia our temperature is usually around 30C while the highlands do record about 20C.

I do wonder how our neighbours in the Philippines are doing. Theirs is a nation of islands and the slightest change in the environment can have drastic effects. Hope all is well. Bangkok has also recorded all time drop in temperatures yesterday.

Back to the issue of snow in Indonesia. Perhaps, I should go and get the jackets out ... just in case.

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