Free Cash App Review: Today we are sharing the facts about a new product by Nathan Grant called the Free Cash App. Many people have received several emails regarding the product and are trying to find out if it is legitimate or just another internet marketing scam. This short review is here to help answer that very question.

Product name: Free Cash App
Product Creator: Nathan Grant
Niche: Binary Options
Product Type: Binary Options Trading Software
Price: Free for 30 days (No Credit Card Required)

Summary: This new app from Nathan Grant is a binary trading app that you can download to your phone and use to invest in binary options. If you are interested in binary options trading and don’t care what broker you use then this offer seems to be as good as any.
Is it a scam?

The short answer: Yes!

I will explain how I come to this conclusion in a moment but if you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online then watch this short video that reveals a simple way to…

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The offer claims to give you an app that will predict the outcome of a binary trade with a 98% success rate. This sounds great but the fact is that all the other free offers like this one claim to have the same success rate.

Like all the others, Nathan claims that he has a special app that no one else has and he is only accepting a limited number of people to download it for free.
If you were to do a little research you will soon find that there have been dozens of this so called “free money making apps” released in the last few months.

A few examples are:

• Home Income App
• Pro Binary Scalper
• Free Income App
• Click Click Profit

They all claim to be millionaires exploiting a loophole that will make you rich.
But here is the real truth!

The truth is that these guys are just affiliates for the binary options broker sites. They make money when you join the binary options trading broker that they refer you to and fund your account.

That’s the reason that the make you join the broker that they suggest before you can download there so called “free app”.
So the truth is offers like the Free Cash App will cost you at least a $200 investment. But they never tell you that until you watch their entire video, get excited and then optin for their free app. That’s when the hit you with the fact that you will be trading binary options and that you have to fund a broker account to make money.

The fact is that binary option trading is not risk free and you are really gambling with $200 of your hard earned money.

So…If you are not a gambler but want to make a lot of money without risking any of your own then this free cash app is not for you.

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Ps..Thanks for reading my free cash app review.