Frozen, the new Disney film that came out at the beginning of winter season, seems to be all that anyone is talking about as of late. The story incorporates magic, friendship, love, and betrayal, and combines them to form one artful piece of work.
The reason why Frozen is so popular is because like many recent Disney films, children can enjoy it for the action and cartoon, but teens and even adults can enjoy it for the humor and heart touching moments as well as the beautiful soundtracks. I also personally love the artwork done in Frozen, especially taking into account the fact that it is drawn by people. Some scenes portraying snowy mountains or the flowing sky are simply so vivid and magnificent, it will take your breath away.
Unlike some classic Disney films, Frozen does not have a linear plot or completely predictable ending- There are plot twists and unexpected moments in the film that keeps the viewer on his feet the entire time. I think the clever plot is also what attracts many viewers to the film.
However, the major reason for Frozen's explosion of popularity is mostly, I must say, peer influence. Just like My Little Ponies, Frozen has almost become a trend- something many teenagers watch because they don't want to be left out of their friend's conversations, and claim that it's the 'best movie ever' just because their friends say the same thing. Does everyone truly love Frozen as much as they claim? No. Personally, although I do like the film, I must admit that it's a bit overrated, especially with unearthly high expectations that my mind had built up from hearing my peers talk.
Bottom line is, Frozen's a great movie- However, is it truly worth all the astronomically high praise? That's up to individual interpretation.

So what do you think? Have you watched Frozen? Why do you think Frozen has become the new obsession with teenagers as of late?

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