My favorite shipper, Roy Garber, from A&E’s reality series passed away on Jan. 17, 2014. Even though they rushed him to a Texas hospital, they couldn’t save him. He died from a major heart attack.

Apparently, Roy had a heart problem for many years. Roy leaves behind Travis-his teenage son, Muffy-his cat and a longtime girlfriend. Before Roy started on Shipping Wars, he had a home building and remodeling company. Then, when his son was ready to graduate, Roy started Arbies Team Transport.

Roy’s favorite saying on the show was “Nickels holding up a dollar.” I will really miss him on the show. He didn’t mind telling people what he thought about the items that they wanted him to transport. I also liked the fact that he had a cat that traveled with him. I believe that he had Muffy to help keep him calm in the demanding job. I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest job. Being responsible for loads, dealing with picky people, breakdowns with his vehicles or trailer . . . it couldn’t be easy.

We will keep Roy’s family in our prayers. RIP dear friend.

The capta at the end is "do you believe in miracles?"

I do. Do you?

Photo by Tante Tati/