Everyone is aware of +Conjunctivitis (pink eye) - this is a +Inflammation of the outer covering of the white part of the eye. The eye looks “pink” when you have +Conjunctivitis because the +Blood vessels are dilated.

+PINK eye usually has a discharge and is rather uncomfortable however, vision is not affected. This condition is either +Bacterial or +Viral and sometimes can even be an allergy. +Viral conjunctivitis is more common and can last several weeks and can accompany a cold or respiratory +infection.

If +PINK eye is viral, antibiotics will not help and +Treatment usually is cold compresses or decongestants can be used, and just let it run its course.

If pink eye is +bacterial, it can be treated with a variety of +antibiotics, such as eye drops or ointments’ which will cure the +Infection within a day or two.

Conjunctivitis is very contagious so there should be no sharing of towels, or pillowcases and your hands should be washed often.

Since not all +Conjunctivitis is caused by +Infection +Allergies can cause it as well, and people who are allergic will have itchy eyes especially in the spring and fall. Eye drops can be used to control itching and are used to +Treat allergic conjunctivitis.


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