Astronesia-NML Cygni or V1489 Cygni is a red hypergiant star and biggest star currently known, approximately 1,650 times the radius of the Sun or 7.67 AU.It is one of the super star-extreme giant glow.Distance from Earth is expected to have about 1.6 kpc, or about 5,300 light years away.It has a dusty environment around it and dust it shows an asymmetrical-shaped nebula which coincides with distribusiUap Masers H 2 o. NML Cygni is a semiregular variable star with a period of about 30 days.
NML Cygni is the bag i an from Cygnus OB2 star cluster.Cygnus star clusters OB2mencakup almost 2 ° of sky, or ~ 30 pc within a radius of approximately 1.74 ± 0.2 kpc, so that is one large cluster of stars closest to the Sun. star has a mass estimated level of about 2 × 10-4 m ⊙ yr-1.Annual Danparalaks it is measured to be about 0,62 Milli-arc-seconds
Bolometric luminosity (Lbol) to the star is near 3 × 105 Large luminosities. bolometricnya (Mbol) is sek itar-9.0. Making it one of the most teranghypergiant star which is cool.It was discovered in 1965, by Neugebauer, Martz and Leighton. NML Naming comes from the name of its discoverer's third. From observation, it is thought that the star has two discrete optiktebal envelope from the dust and molecules.It has one level of terbesaryang mass is estimated to be about 2 × 10-4 M ☉ per year.The dust envelope is formed due to the speed of the post winds and mass emission rate is high.Ang speed i nnya estimated around 23 km/s. due to the unique location in the milky way bintangini do not dominate the local interstellar environment.
NML Cygni is a star that is rich in oxygen.Composition began terungkapdengan ukannya ditem OH Maser (1612 MHz) in 1968 (danBarrett Wilson).The presence of molecules such as H2O, SiO, CO, HCN, CS, SO, SO2 and H2S jugaterungkap in the same year.