Graue Mill is located at 3800 York Road in Oak Brook, Illinois (DuPage County). It is currently owned by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County and operated by a not-for-profit preservationist group.

It is only open during the warmer months. Chrck their Web site for specific dtaes and times:

Fred (Friedrich) Graue, a German immigrant, came to Fullersburg, Illinois in 1842. In 1849 he purchased the land on which a sawmill which had burned down had previously stood and built his gristmill which he started running in 1852. It was powered by a waterwheel fed by Salt Creek and ran for 70 years when new techniques made it obsolete. Today it is the only operating gristmill in the Chicago area.

Graue built the mill using limestone for the basement, bricks made from clay from the Graue farm and oak timbers taken from the shores of the I&M Canal. The buhrstones were imported from France.

Not only was it an important economic factor in the area, Graue used it to hide runaway slaves as they tried to reach freedom in Canada. It is believed that Lincoln visited the site once.


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