Police said Tuesday they found drugs at the California home of singer Justin Bieber, as she carried out a search of the premises in connection with a case of alleged vandalism.

The police had announced in the morning that cocaine had been found in the Baby singer, causing an arrest in the environment of the artist.

But in the afternoon, the authorities were more cautious. Nothing is confirmed, told AFP Sergeant Arballo, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Sheriff. This is a prohibited substance but we do not know if it's cocaine. We will not know until it is analyzed in the laboratory.

In another sheriff spokesman cited by the Los Angeles Times, it is most likely a form of ecstasy.

Whatever the drug in question, the Canadian singer on the scene at the time of the search, is not linked to its seizure, said Lieutenant Dave Thompson, the sheriff's office during a press conference Tuesday morning.

One of seven or eight people present at the singer, 19 years old home has however been arrested for possession of drugs, has he said.

According to TMZ, generally very well informed website, the arrested person is rapper Lil Za, one of the closest friends of Justin Bieber.

Mr. Thompson said the drug was in front of the officers when they sought evidence of the alleged vandalism.

The authorities have launched a search in response to a complaint from a neighbor, who accused the singer of 19 years of throwing eggs at his home in Calabasas, an affluent suburb of Los Angeles, north of the city.

The object of the search is to retrieve surveillance video and any possible evidence of vandalism, which took place January 9, 2014, said the sheriff's office said in a statement.

The damage is estimated by the victim at about $ 20,000. The investigation is ongoing, the statement added.

The lieutenant added that Justin Bieber had been cooperative, but I do not think he answered any question while we were there, I think he will with his lawyer, he said.

Justin Bieber has been arrested or bleached at this stage, said Mr. Thompson.

First treated as an offense, the egg roll was raised by investigators to the rank of vandalism offense punishable by a maximum penalty of one year in prison and $ 50,000 fine, due to the extent of damage. This house suffered major damage, observed Mr. Thompson.

Justin Bieber, teen idol and used the front pages of the tabloids, continues the escapades for several months, he is surprised to Brazil with prostitutes, or graffiti that covers the walls of its hotels.

On Christmas Day, the singer announced, with little convincing his fans, he officially retired.