I am only kidding, of course I don't leave my TV on standby when I am not watching it! I find the problem with a lot of modern TV's is that many of them do not have a power button, meaning you can only switch it onto standby via the remote control. To fully turn the TV power off you need to turn it off at the mains. I think this is quite a chore for some people, and it is a hassle having to do this each and every time you decide to watch the television.

I have a simple solution to the problem. I am sure many other people do the same as me, and there are some great products out there to save energy when you are not watching the TV. I use a very simple device that plugs into the mains. I then plug the TV into this device and I am ready to set it up. We have a cable running from this device to the front of the TV which has an infra-red panel on the front. This allows me to press a selected button on my TV remote control and this will stop all power through the device and therefore to the TV. I think this is a simple yet effective solution to the problem we are now faced with. However, I think that the responsibility should lay with the manufacturers of these TV's. Why do they no longer provide a power button allowing us to turn the power off to our TV's?

Do you use a device like the one I have just described?

Image: commons.wikimedia.org