1. The fracture was caused by the friction of the faction on the function of the fraction. (repeat 3 times)

2. Mother baked a cake.
She gave the cake to Jake at the gate
to take the cake to the lake
But since it's too late, Jake failed
to take the cake Mother baked to
the lake.

3. The boastful beast
boasting his beastlike strength
told his best friend beast
that he's the best of all the beasts.

4. To rumble and grumble over life's
terrible trouble makes one look horrible
and not honorable.
(repeat 3 times)

5. Porky Fork puts the forty-four footy
pots on designated spots.
(repeat 3 times)

6. Out of the chill and the shadow
Into the thrill and the shrine;
Out of the shadow, the chill,
Out of the shrine, the thrill,
The shadow, the shrine
Make the chill thrill!

7. Sue sought to sure the owner of the
sow, but the owner of the sow sought
Sue not sue.
(repeat 3 times)

8. The complainant complains that the
complaint he complained was ignored in
the Complaint Department.
(repeat 3 times)

9. The photograph photographed by a
photographer was photographed again by another photographer.
(repeat 3 times)

10. The defective detective defectively
detecting a defective detector.
(repeat 3 times)

Try it!