I watched a new show the other night called Appalachian Outlaws and I figured it was about either moon shining or
ginseng. It is about Ginseng Hunters in the Appalachian mountains - some illegally, some legally. One guy has
a farm he inherited and he has huge patches of ginseng that his grandfather and father planted. Others take huge
risks trespassing on other's lands. It was an interesting show.

Ginseng only has a two month hunting season (late summer to early fall) and it is worth lots of money. The going rate
is about $300-550 a pound depending on your area. I like in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC and part of that chain
is also Appalachian. I know several Ginseng hunters in my area who go up to the mountain and camp out for a week
or two at a time and collect ginseng. It is getting much harder to collect due to new ridiculous laws limiting
the hunting. Some states have lottery only permits to collect.

I think a great retirement plan is to plant some ginseng in your own garden or forest. Let it grow for many years
and you will have a big root to cash in.

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This is the actual plant. You are supposed to replant the red berries.