What food do you like to eat during cold weather? Is it simple and easy to cook? How many ingredients does it have? Mine is very simple, very easy, and super yummy!

Cebu, Philippines: 10:03AM, it's been one hour since I woke up. The sun should be shining high, if not only this rain and clouds are blocking its way. It's been two days that the weather is like this, but this is not normal. We are used to warm weather, and it is already cold for us so, it's time for some delicious soup that can keep our body warm. Well, I want to keep my body warm. I decided to make a simple and easy soup.

My favorite soup? Well, honestly, I don't know what it's name. This is somewhat my own invention.

cooked rice
3 fresh leaves of mint
3 fresh leaves of basil
fresh leaves of lemon grass
bits of pork/ beef/ chicken (you can add the three or at least once)
bits of red onions
bits of garlic
and black pepper

How did I do it?
Put olive oil or vegetable oil in a pan
add bits of garlic and red onions, let it's aroma out and don't let it go brown or burnt.
add the meat like chicken or pork or beef, wait until it go brown
add 1 cup of rice
add 3 to 4 cups of water
let it simmer awhile
add the mint, basil, and lemon grass

let it boil. Ready to serve with black pepper and salt!

I just love this aromatic, delicious, and nutritious soup I made. I think I am the only one who know this, although there are similar soup. However, I do not know how to cook, honestly, so I do it my way. :)

How about you? How do you combat cold weather with some food?