DCM Time Windows were audiophile speakers that came out in the late 1970s and were favorably reviewed in the underground audio press. They became a cult favorite, and were popular among knowledgeable audiophiles throughout the 1980s. A friend in Montana had a pair for awhile, and they sounded fantastic, especially on female vocals, so I snapped up a pair while I was still in school. They became my "reference" speakers, and I still have a pair after all these years.

Of all of the speakers I now own (Dynaco A-25s, KLH 6s, Marantz Imperial 6s, Acoustic Research Ar-3as, ADS L-400s, etc.), DCM Time Windows remain my favorites, especially with solid state amplification. Their inherent smoothness means that they reduce the hardness that some people hear with solid state amplifiers, and they sound good on almost all kinds of music.