Last day of work at the hospital! It was great! I enjoyed my time and made some good friends! I will be going there to volunteer occasionally but today was my official last day! I bought a thank you card and some boxes of chocolates for everyone! They have really been so patient and supportive and taught me a lot in my little time! Hopefully I'll get to work there again in the near future! I had just started to the hang of the job lol!

Anyway, back to school from Monday! Gotta start focussing on my course work and make sure I do well this semester. I'm taking a lot of classes so I need to get my nerd on lol! That was my day! I also got a lot of work done. Finally! I've been postponing all these small things and I just had to get them done today. I'm so happy! I might be going to my friend's this weekend.

ALSO, my best friend is coming back :D Been over a month since when she went to visit her parents! Oh god I miss her so much!

Have a great weekend Bubblers :)