Several days ago I wrote an article questioning what would happen if NASA was able to photograph God sitting on His throne, or if some scientist with a super powerful Microscope could find proof (for the unbelievers) of God somehow. Then, I asked if it would make a difference to atheists.

Today I was looking around the Internet, and found what some call “The Hand Of God” photo. The photo was taken by the Einstein X-Ray Observatory in 1982, so it's been around a long time. The photo DOES NOT PROVE the existence of God, but isn't it interesting how things can be seen light-years away that look familiar or relate to what we do, say, think.

The second photo could be construed by some to be Christian Cross or even God with open arms welcoming us.

Yep, they are just photographs of stars and/or nebula hundreds of light-years away, but it is interesting.

If you haven't visited the Hubble Site (NASA) to look at some really neat photos of things in the solar system, you might enjoy it. So, here's the link: