Hi guys! Good evening! I hope everyone is doing okay.

I am feeling lucky today.

This doesn't happen every day, I think just once in a blue moon. I woke up this morning and found a 10-peso (0.25$) coin underneath my blanket. Well that happening is not normal though because I am all alone at home. I checked my coin purse if one 10-peso coin is missing but all are there.

Then came this afternoon that we math teachers had some surprise exam evaluation. The exam evaluation is really hard and I just tried my best to guess the answers. LOL! Although I guessed almost everything in the exam, I still managed to hit a score of 49 out of 50! =) Well I am not the highest pointer because one of my co-teacher hits a perfect score. I guessed because the examination is not about Math, it is about some hard-to-guess general information.

And just moments ago, I found another treasure hiding on my uniform's pants. I found a 20-peso (0.50$) bill at the back pocket of my pants. LOL! Well, I think that today is just a lucky day for me to find two treasures and to survive a surprise exam evaluation.

How about you my bubbly loving charming friends, do you feel lucky today?



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