Don´t tell me this isn´t the best Dorito Ad out there?

Watch it:

Voting is still not closed, but this is one of the top five ads that will most probably win the competition. The winner will not only get his name on a Super Bowl ad, him or her takes 1 million dollars home and probably an advertising contract.

“Finger Cleaner”

One of the biggest problems when eating Doritos is getting that sticky Dorito powder all over your fingers.

The Dorito Cleaner only works with Dorito dirty fingers. Why? “You ask too many questions Billy”…

Find out by yourself by watching the video. I promise it’s a good way to start the day.

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"Cowboy Kid":

Doritos Time Machine:

Some people like to watch the Super Bowl for the game, others for gambling, and many others for the amazing commercials. Why are Super Bowl commercials so great? Because the Super Bowl has the highest rating in the world for a single event. That means commercial spots cost millions of dollars, and companies want to make every penny worth it.