Devi sri guruji is the host for this program. Now people are watching this show daily.

This show comes from moday to friday. My mom regularly watches this show. She doesnt miss this show.

Dont know why she watches daily. She believe in fortune very much.

I respect her feeling but trusting their words is some what danger. Because if that host says something bad is going to us.

Then what happens to my mom. She may get frustrated and get tension about that things.

So i am going to say to her that stop watching shows. I already tried saying to her but she said if they say bad. Dont worry i will ignore it or takes some precautions.

Why i am watching do you know +Sampath she questioned. I was blank. So i said NO.

They say ways to get good fortune and luck to our family. So i want to follow these rules and checking out the result.

Hope the results will be good for us.

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