Mary Kay Letourneau has gone and landed her face in the news again. First of all do you guys remember who she is?
She was that teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, she was convicted of raping her 6th grade student and spent over 7yrs in prison. After getting out she married (maybe while she was incarcerated .. Im not sure) but she later married the student she was accused of raping. The two are still together and have 2 children.

I think we all share the same opinion about whether she was right or wrong when it comes to her involvement with her student, I personally think okay now as consenting adults they can do what they want and the past is behind them so lets move on from that.

So, here we are moved on right? lol Almost!
She was just arrested in Washington state for driving on a suspended license and a failure to appear. The failure to appear - I am not sure if it is failure to appear for the traffic violation or if it was failure to appear with her probation officer, as a matter of fact I am not sure if she is on probation, details are not given.

Mary Kay was arrested and booked the day of her arrest and released later that day on $5000 bond.

I am guessing she is not familiar with the song that goes "I fought the law and the law won!"

Mary Kay Letourneau, convicted of raping student, arrested in Washington state

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