I do not like being on the front page during the daytime because you never know when to post that next post and move on with your life.

Sure you can spend the time writing more posts and I do. But at some point during the day you have to decide enough is enough and it is time to move on.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, here is the scoop.

When you have a post on the front page it will usually stay there for hours as long as it continues to receive views, likes, and comments. However, if you submit a new post or edit the front page post, the front page post is immediately removed.

So you have to decide when you want to submit a new post.

What I do is monitor traffic, and when it slows down I go ahead and submit a new post.

The truth be known, I don’t like having posts on the front page during the daytime because I believe that new posts get more eyes than front page posts. For me the benefit of the front page is really when you are offline, then your post will stay in the forefront and continue to draw visits.

Write on my friends.

Photo Credit: pixabay.com/en/turtle-fig-sound-figure-garden-97532/