There are quite a few whitetail deer in our area and if a buck has survived the hunting season then they will shed their antlers from December to March in Missouri.

Today was the first sunny day and the temperature warmed to the mid thirties so my husband and I set off to hike off trail in the woods and hunt for shedded deer antlers.

Where to Look for Antlers:

When it comes to hunting deer antlers it is best to think like a deer and take the path that they would.

Today there were tracks in the snow so we followed the deer track through the woods to areas where there were berries, brush, patches of switchgrass, wild bamboo and a water source. Then we headed to the area where the walnut, and oak trees grow because this would provide the deer with a food source. We paid attention to areas around the base of the trees as this is where the buck could be reaching for branches and hit their antlers hard enough that they fall off.

1. Hunting for antlers is also called shed hunting as this is when the buck will shed their antlers.
2. " Whitetail deer antlers are made up of points. 2 point is a yearling or a young male deer, a 4 or a 5 point are from a mature buck. The 4 or 5 point antlers are a real find as it means that this deer’s life was spared during hunting season."
2. We use the antlers that we find in our crafts, this year we hope to make decorative wood and antler votive candle holders.
3. Hunting for antlers is a fun winter activity because we get good exercise and we learn more about nature.
4. Today we did not find any antlers, but did see many doe feeding on the native berry shrubs.
Antribution : whitetail buck deer with antlers doe dear grazing with snow
Young buck with 2 points eating berries in my yard by picnic table. I captured this photo from 30 feet away.

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