State and local school officials in Minnesota have announced that all K-12 public schools will be closed on Monday, January 6, 2014. The predicted extreme cold temperatures and the dangerous wind chill factor brought about this decision. Buses will not have been driven during the Christmas vacation - there might be mechanical difficulties because of that, plus children needing to get to and from school or wait at bus stops would be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Local school districts can decide whether teachers and staff report to school on Monday. It is assumed schools will also cancel the day's after-school activities.

Only public schools, including charter schools, are officially closing, but many private schools will also likely be closed as they are bound to their public counterparts because they use the public school buses.

According to an article on, "As for Tuesday, when temperatures are likely to remain extremely cold, she [Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius] said local school districts are expected to decide whether to open or not."

Temperatures are expected to be well below -20 degrees Sunday night, and to stay in double-digit negative territory on Monday.

Image attribution: Credit - Asio otus, CC-BY-SA-3.0, Wikimedia; copyright - Wikimedia Commons.