Well, it may be bull, or it may be whatever a female cow is called.

I went to the store and bought a sirloin tip roast, and now it is cooking in my crock pot with garlic and onions. Later I will add some potatoes and carrots.

As I was putting it into my crock pot, I was thinking, "How do I know that this is really cow?" "What if it's really horse, or deer, or bear, or some other animal?"
Then I thought, "Does it really matter? As long as it tastes good?"

I know for certain that this is beef. The package said so. They couldn't put it on the package if it wasn't true., "Sirloin Tip Roast. 100% beef." :)

Lol, I guess that could have been a crock of bull too.

Happy bubbling everybody.
Picture credit: cindiowens' camera

lol, captcha: paper plate