Wow, today it has been a challenge to enjoy the Holiday with a bad headache (see previous post) but I persevered and found some solutions! It would not be accurately called a Migraine as I rarely get headaches of any sort but I cannot imagine dealing with such symptoms frequently.

First, I DECIDED not to let it get me down. We went ahead with plans to video chat with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson, having them open their Christmas gifts. We also wanted to walk around and we went to the mall to do that, thinking the walk, change of scenery and fresh air would do us both good.

Second, I tried not to dwell on the headache. I tried some different simple things to help me feel better like sharing a large dark chocolate bar with my wife. That did not help the headache but who feels worse after eating dark chocolate?

Lastly, when I got home I rested. I also took a couple of Ibuprophen tablets and while resting (in the dark) I listened to a binaural Brainwave app that I had on my iPhone (free). It lets me pick the type of sound programming and background sound so I picked “headache relief" and light ocean waves.

The app came with a number of programs and sounds for free and more if you purchase. Just search for “Binaural Brainwave" and you should find it.

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