Sonic have been established in Uganda Cambodian Malawi are we've done a lot of good over the years as an organization I'm proud of our use on a family forgiving so much of themselves to others we done remarkable things for our partnership which owns hunger fun but as we continue to grow and expand around the world it becomes our responsibility to do more we’ve watched as disaster strikes across a global in countries are use on a family calls home and we wish we could somehow help there's also witnesses people in many parts of the world continue to sicken and die to simply tithe absence the resources and education we can certainly do more we will do more the USANA True Health Foundation is created a unique opportunity to contribute to the cause is you find most deserving since its launching use on as Asia-pacific convention millions in aid has been given donations may be designated to three separate areas within the foundation donations made to the area of greatest need are used to provide health education clothing shelter medical assistance and other essential needs to suffering populations throughout the world currently this fund focuses on world-wide disaster relief for a partnership with international relief teams the Sun Aviv Medical Assistance Program allows individuals in need to world-class medical care regardless of their financial abilities individuals are selected annually to receive two-week medical treatment program packages