Illinois will start dealing with concealed carry gun permits next month. On January 5, individuals can apply online for the concealed carry licenses. The Illinois States Police went over the proper steps to obtain a permit on Monday, Dec. 30.

There have been training classes ongoing for weeks now, and those who want a concealed carry license can apply on Sunday, Jan. 5. The process to obtain a permit starts by choosing a user ID and password and then answering some questions that will give the starting point for a criminal background check.

If no problems turn up, a concealed carry license will be sent in the mail. The Illinois State Police will have 90 days to turn them around by law. They hope the first concealed carry licenses will be issued by the middle of January. The new law prohibits concealed carry in a number of different places, including school, libraries, public parks, government buildings hospitals and museums.

It's not clear how many people will apply for a concealed carry license. An early estimate was 400,000.

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