Hi guys! Good afternoon! I hope eveyrone is doing okay.

The new Sailor Moon series for 2014. I wonder how the anime will turn out.

I am a real fan of Sailor Moon, from the very beginning of the story up to the latest one. When I read an article online about the new series for 2014 I jumped out of joy. This news made so excited for 2014.

I still have my full set of Sailor Moon action figures but they are not on display anymore. I stored my Sailor Moon action figures on our house storage room, locked in a sealed-tight glass. My students don't know about my Sailor Moon action figures because if they knew about my precious collections then they'll come, rush and ask for some.

A new Sailor Moon Anime Series for 2014! Wooooooooooo! I just wonder how Sailor Moon will look like in the new anime series and how will the story goes this time around, will this be another spin-off just like the new animes coming out.

Any spoilers out there? :)


The Fart.