We all work hard to do achieve our needs. I feel, after a hard day’s work, small achievements become big ones. Still, a number of persons differ from my point of view. They want a king’s life without even working for it. To one’s surprise one man was living life fit for a king without even spending one dime.

It's not a story but a real incident. One day Park hotel staffs got an email from a high rise company that their client is going to stay in their hotel. The hotel staff was instructed to allot the finest suite to the person. He enjoyed all the hotel facilities, joined a gym, took massage and ate all the expensive delicacies. The hotel staff was informed that he would stay for twenty days but he left on thirteenth day. He made a bill of about 3 hundred thousand rupees. When the hotel manager contacted the office with the bill and they said that they didn’t send any email.

Police started to hunt for the person and found him in another hotel. He was doing it for quite some time. Previously, he chooses small hotels. Recently, he moved into five star hotels. He was formally a call center executive. He left his job and started hacking the emails of high profile companies and started doing what he does best.