Recommend, this little girl named Charlize Glass. He's still 10 years old but she is very talented. Dancing ability is so great that he says could be a great artist in the future.

Charlize Glass comes from Los Angeles, California, United States. Dancing talent was so strong that he was able to become the successor dubbed Beyoncé in the future. An American media says it is.

This little girl started dancing when he was still very young, 2 years. He continued to develop his talent by joining a group called 8 Flavahz dancer from Hawaii. Here, Charlize started up success.

Dance group, Charlize managed to be the runner-up of America's Best Dance Crew (Season 7). After that, he appeared in Ciara's music video as a dancer. Not only that, Charlize also worked with Bruno Mars and Far East Movement.

With his talent, Charlize been invited to attend a popular talk show The Ellen Show. You can prove yourself Charlize dancing talent by looking at the video above. How ladies, do you agree that Charlize Glass could be the successor to Beyonce?