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You should be alarmed. A cough that goes on for more than a week is something else...

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sorry to hear about your health but dry cough for a month is big deal already, even we will cough for 3 to one week we need medicine to loosen the occluded phlegm, and we need the antibiotic to kill the bacteria, i suggest you can go for check up and don't allow the bacteria to multiply more., and coughing all the time will easily transfer to other family members and they will be infected too. hope you will be treated soon.

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Is your throat itchy? Chew some ginger, it would help though I know you wouldn't really like the taste. My asthma and cough usually attacks when there is a sudden change with the weather. So rest a bit, drink lots and lots of water and some citrus fruits would help too. Or yet better see a doctor =)

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