After diligently searching for Bubblews news, reviews and experiences on the World Wide Web for an entire day, I came to the conclusion that the site is legit. There are -- like in many other places -- some human errors, but nothing that can't be fixed. Bubblews is slowly growing and enhancing its customer support services. It takes time to grow a company, we all know that.

The following is a quote from an email sent by -- or on behalf of -- Arvind Jay Dixit, CEO and founder of Bubblews:

"I understand you have a responsibility and my suggestion is that all good members, with backpending redemption, in compliance with our terms of use will be paid by February 2014. Also, the members who feel their accounts were removed unjustly will receive an email from us to re engage communication."

If you have backpending redemptions, file them with Bubblews at --> [email protected]

Don't forget to enter "Backpending redemption help + YOUR USERNAME" (without quotes here and throughout) into the subject line of your email. Your case should be processed before the end of February 2014.

Bubblews is trying to stand by their contributors, but remember that the above does not apply if you broke the rules. You may, however, receive an explanation as to why your payment was not sent or why your account has been terminated. Best of luck to you all and happy bubbling!


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