Gifthulk is one of my favorite slow-earning GPT sites. You might be wondering WHY I do this site if I consider it a slow earner. . .well it's because it is similar to Swagbucks in the fact that it is a random search and win site and they have a component that allows you to earn by watching videos. They also have a daily poll, and these keys you can do everyday to see if you can win extra hulk coins randomly or codes worth a few coins. It all adds up and it doesn't take long to do on a daily basis (aside from Gifthulk tv. . .maxing out on that takes me the whole day but I do it in a separate tab next to Swagbucks TV) I get distracted sometimes or have to take breaks so I don't always max out on GHtv but when I do it helps get toward rewards quicker. I haven't been very active on Gifthulk constantly because I have other sites I prefer to use, but the good thing about their rewards is that they don't take over a week to get them when you DO have the coins to get a prize you want, be it Amazon or paypal. Amazon is definitely a better value on their site, but I prefer getting paypal since I can use paypal in more places online. I have a few of referrals on Gifthulk but only a couple of them are considered "active". It's definitely nice to have active referrals since you get an extra permanent daily key for each one you refer. :) They also have referral contests monthly which can earn you even more coins. here is my referral link for anyone who is interested in joining.