I was stuck on level 103 of Candy Crush Saga when suddenly this Dreamworld opened up. The Dreamworld is quite different from Reality on Candy Crush Saga.

There is a sleepy owl in the Candy Crush Dreamworld named Odus, and he wakes up and falls off his perch if you collect on too many of the same color combos. If Odus falls off his perch, the game ends. But if you can keep Odus balanced, after a few plays he flies off his perch and the candy gets Moonstruck - similar to Sugar Crush on Candy Crush, only dreamier.

It's easier to stay alive and conquer the game in the dreamworld, just by keeping Odus the Owl balanced. I'm not sure when or if I'll wake up and return to Reality as I'm really enjoying the pleasant Dreamworld of Candy Crush Saga.

Here's the earlier post (which btw to fellow Bubblers is on page one of Google when the title is searched, and is earning me residual income)