BUKO - Jireh Lim (Official Music Video)

BUKO - the song is all about everlasting love of an couple. BUKO stands for "BUHAY KO" or "My Life". By October 18, 2011 Jireh uploaded his first video for the song Buko and by this Feb. it reached 2.5M hits. A lyric video was uploaded in Dec 15, 2011 by a fan which has 5.8M hits by this month. 31th of January Jireh uploaded the Official Music Video. Jireh chooses Donnalyn Bartolome to be his partner to the song but Donna is not in the Philippines when Jireh asked for her permission, Jireh find another that can suite for the song and he choose Janica Buhain. Janica had born on October 5, 1990 and she is the so called “Buko girl” in Abra’s music video of “Gayuma” which became one of the viral rap song here in Philippines.
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By December 2011 I discovered Jireh’s song at my online radio station, one of our listener requested his song called “Diwata” or “Nymph” and I find it a beautiful song. That song is all about a girl he love the most, a girl who he can call a wife. After than I became addicted to that song and patiently waited for his new songs to be published. The second song I loved was “Alone” it was a song for the single person, a person who is not in relationship and still waiting for that moment to come. The third song I’ve been addicted to was the song entitled “Magkabilang Mundo” is all about a long distance relationship. And the song that I got most addicted to was this song called BUKO. Many Filipino loved this song because many of them had related to the song. Everytime I listen to that song I feel more inlove even thou I don’t have a girlfriend LOL

This song is one of the most requested in different radio stations nor is a local or not.
BUKO: Top 1 at DWDM Pinas FM 95.5, currently top 5 at MyxPh, Top 2 at Pinas FM.

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