I hate what has become of the Sri Lanka education system. It really has become a joke.

The majority of the students in Sri lanka spend many hours a day in tuition classes to catch up on the syllabus not taught at school and watch helplessly as their parents spend large amounts of money paying for such classes. The result is, a lot of these students once out of school find themselves without employment.

Now it’s been revealed the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination will be terminated in 2016. The Grade 5 Scholarship Examination was a type of incentive to give children in rural areas the chance to attend a reputed school found in the urban areas if they pass the exam. This would enable the bright children from poverty stricken backgrounds the chance of getting a good education.

The Minister of Education claims the reason for this decision is because by 2016 schools in rural areas would be developed and there would be no need for children living in these places to go to schools in the urban areas.

Source: www.colombopage.com/archive_13B/Dec19_1387466478JV.php