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I think your examples of "these are in the Bible as well" is a great point. If people chose to live biblically, I believe they should follow all instructions exactly as worded. Picking and choosing is human nature but it's hypocritical to refer to the Bible to justify one action/comment but completely ignore the others. This man is a preacher, I believe. I would think all his years of training would alert him to this point.

I think there's many paths to religion. Some don't use the religion's holy book but the person lives their life using the principles of the religion. I think the individual is correct when they feel good about what they're doing. I can tell you that my beliefs are completely out there, but they've forced me to think about my word choice both to others and myself. I feel good about that. If you feel good about your practices, rock on!

Finally, I'm sad that he said something a person is hardwired for is not logical. Granted, there are many ways to express love and the sexual orientation, but I firmly believe that it's a biological experience first and foremost. It may not be logical to Mr. Robertson, but it's the reality of other people.

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I respect his right to say what he feels but he also should know that his words may put his employer in a tough spot and he might face some consequences because of it. I guess he wasn't paying attention to what happened to Paula Dean?

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He has a right to his opinion. I have a right not to care about his opinion. I try to not care too much about what anyone does unless it directly impacts me and my life. It really isn't my business who loves who, as long as they aren't trying to love me at gun point.

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Excellent post. You make great points. People pick and choose what they obey and what they ignore from the bible.

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I don't agree with his comments. He has a right to his opinion but I think everyone has the right to their own lifestyle.
It's nobody's business but your own.

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