A new restaurant opened in town about two weeks ago. We ate there a few times prior to yesterday, but I forgot to take my camera. Yesterday I remembered to take it, but I forgot to take food photos before we dug in! Please excuse the half-eaten food!

The Blueberry Pig is a welcome addition to our little town as far as we are concerned. Since restaurants are in short supply we have to drive to Athens, Tennessee. So having a good restaurant, within 8 miles is a pleasure! Since we weren't sure what kind of restaurant it would be we were anxious to try it out.

The main area only holds 8 tables, but there is a second story with more seating. We eat early so we've had no problem getting a table on the first level.

My husband has been trying all his favorites. The first time he had their 'Smoke Stack Burger' which is a burger, topped with brisket, bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce and the side is fries. A lot of food for $8.99 as their burgers themselves are huge. He raves about this burger. Last night he had 1/2 rack of raspberry ribs.

The smoker is out in the parking lot and you can smell it miles away! The ribs come with two sides and he took baked beans and mashed garlic potatoes. My husband is a rib-lover and he complimented the owner on the ribs at the Blueberry Pig. They claim its the raspberry sauce that makes them the best! The 1/2 rack was $12.99. You won't go wrong with the ribs.

My first meal there was the grilled talapia, baked potato and steamed broccoli. That dinner was $8.99. Yesterday I had their grilled chicken sandwich which I had them 'modify' to my taste since I can't eat cheese or bacon, which it comes with. I had it turned into a honey mustard grilled chicken with lettuce and tomato. They were out of broccoli so I had the grilled mixed veggies, I swapped the veggies for the fries. Cost for that was $7.79.

The portions are a good size and you won't leave hungry. It is quality food, and that's what we like. I've had grilled chicken sandwiches at another local place and you cant compare the quality of the chicken. I would rather pay a few dollars more and get good food. I hope others in town agree because I would love to see the Blueberry Pig succeed. After three visits in less than two weeks it is our new favorite restaurant.

After we ate we had a nice chat with the owner. I did ask why the name - all he said was it was his brother's idea....so I still don't get the significance. But what matters is the food and the staff. Everyone was polite and while you do have to wait since the food is freshly cooked, it's worth it.

If you happen to be in the Decatur, Tennessee area the Blueberry Pig is located on Highway 58 just a little north of town. You can find them on Facebook.

Photos: Abby355

update: The Blueberry Pig has become our weekly dinner out. The service gets better and better and the food is always very good. We can't be more pleased.