Marijuana is legal to smoke on your front port in Colorado yet 60 and 40 watt light bulbs will be illegal starting 2014. There is something wrong with this picture. President George Bush in 2007 put into law that these incandescent bulbs were to be phased out by 2014 and in their stead will be fluorescent and LED lights that will be sold. Of course these are more expensive. Stores are allowed to sell off their supplies of the 60 and 40 watt bulbs so stock up if you want them.

Incandescent bulbs imitate the light of a fireplace such as in the good old days before the light bulb, wherein the new bulbs are much brighter and annoying. Fluorescent bulbs can give some people headaches (as you know) and provide an unnatural glow for your working space. LED lights are measured in lumins and not watts. So a 10 lumin bulb is as bright as a 60 watt bulb.

This changing of the bulbs comes in the form of the Energy Independence and Security Act becomes effective. Hmm 'Security Act'? What are the light bulbs going to do start a war? So folks, a note of caution when purchasing these new highly expensive bulbs that no one will be able to afford: Either stock up on the watt bulbs now before the end of the year or determine where you want the brightest lights to be in your home. These new lights are bright.....all the better for Big Brother to see through your walls with.