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That is a beautiful song. I will be sure to look this up later.

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&CarzEzmee I agree :)
&Katerpillow75 I have never been to one personally .

&Butch Well if I wasn't allowed the link I got it anyway ha ha :)
&DavidAaron ... and so say all of us!
&NorthernLight I'd say so :)

&AshleyMcDaniel I do know what you mean, but I personally like his voice whatever the type of song.
&Radcliff Doesn't he? Brilliant :)

&I hope you do &helenschild4

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Yeah, I heard him the other day and truthfully, he sounded like Elvis, but the worst part of Elvis. When Elvis simply sang, he wasn't bad, but when he tried to be this emotive and profound singer, (I realize that profound isn't a word normally used for singing, but ... ) he was horrible! It was just too over the top and he sounded like an impersonator of himself.

Most of Elvis' slow songs were the worst because he tried to do too much and that kid IS REALLY trying to do too much. I think it's an overall waste of what is probably a good to great unique voice because he's spent most of his time trying to emulate Elvis over developing himself as a singer.

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... and I sound just exactly like.... myself! :-}

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I have seen various impersonators of Elvis. Have my picture taken with one. Still get a kick out of the shows.

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