In another life or possibly in a future life I would be an archeologist, paleontologist or some kind of digger. I was also accepted to the marine biology program at Texas A&M university. I could have been a marine archeologist! But due to my present genetic phenotype, I could be none of the above. I have no melanin protection from the sun. I'm almost an albino. Several family members have skin cancer. And as we all know, very few 'digs' are done at night.

But I digress. Because of my fascination with the earth sciences, I watch all kinds of television shows and read books about the fun adventures of all the Indian Jones wannabes. The History Channel has a show called 'America Unearthed', and I have been watching it every week. Scott Wolter has been travelling about America and doing some investigating that sometimes is hugely interesting, and other times is a big disappointment.

Such was the case on the latest installment when Wolters went to 'The Great Wall of Texas' in Rockwall, Texas. I have driven through Rockwall many times, and I never noticed a giant wall there. But it seems that this wall is supposed to be buried. Some say the wall goes down underneath the ground for seven stories. No one knows whether this 'wall' is man made or natural so they called in Wolters to figure it out. Wolter is a forensic geologist, so if anyone can solve the mystery it is he.

Long story short - the wall is a natural phenomenon, proven by geomagnetism. Rocks tend to settle into a magnetic pattern. If the samples have +/- activity all going in the same direction, this means it is a natural rock wall, as this test did show. If it had been a random pattern, that would have been evidence that the wall might have been stacked by workers placing rocks at random. Well, now we know.

Photo - By Titus Tscharntke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons