When it comes to having surgery done, everyone is afraid. Why wouldn't you be afraid? You will be put under to have something replaced, removed or fixed on your body. Just the thought of being put under scares me because of the fact that I am afraid I won’t wake up. Here are 6 amazing surgeries that are really weird.

Ear on Arm

A 42 year old woman had an illness that made her lose her ear, her ear canal and a piece of her skull removed. Because of this, doctor’s at John’s Hopkins hospital decided to grow the ear under the skin of her arm before placing it back on her head. The ear was actually re-grown using some cartilage from her rib. So her ear was allowed to grow from her rib cartilage under the skin of her arm before they attached it to her head. This took four months.

Skull on Stomach

What would you do if you woke up from surgery only to find some of your skull gone and it was inside your stomach? A past beauty queen was in an almost deadly fishing accident and had to have some of her skull removed. Surgeons removed a portion of her skull and placed it inside her stomach for it to remain clean and nourished while the swelling of her brain went down. Her skull was in her stomach for 42 days.

Devils Horn Implants Replaces Birthmark

A little boy was born with a big, red blemish on his forehead. His mother was afraid he would be made fun of at school when he got older so she asked surgeons for help. They stretched the normal skin and placed two tissue expanders inside his forehead. These came out to look like devils horns. Although this was to help him, he was made fun of by passersby until the tissue expanders were finally removed. Now that they have been removed, he just has a tiny scar there and the blemish is gone.

Leg Detached and Turned 180 Degrees

A 13 year old boy has bone cancer and needed to have his leg amputated. Although there were several surgeries available for him, he chose one where he could keep his leg. Doctors took his leg and turned it 180 degrees which means his ankle took the place of his knee. Because of this he can still play the sports he loves so much.

Hand Grafted to Leg

A little girl was walking to school when her hand was run over by a tractor. Because the hand was too severely damaged to place back on her arm, doctors removed it and put it on her leg. Doing this made the hand recover nice enough so they could finally put it back on her arm. She will still need more surgeries to improve the look of her hand, however.

Fingertip on Stomach

A man cut off his fingertip with an electric saw in an accident at work. Doctors needed to think fast so they attached the fingertip to the man’s stomach in hopes that other skin would grow around it and it would heal. The surgery was a success and the fingertip will be put back on his finger within a month.