Do you want to become successful in Probux? It's easy to earn from this site, just by doing simple task, viewing website and winning in their game called ProGrid.
This is just an online opportunity where you can either invest some money or you can choose also not to invest but then you can still earn money.

Here's how to become successful in Probux without investment

Note: If you already have account in Probux, kindly skip step 1 and 2. Proceed to step #3.

1. If you still do not have account in Probux, you can create one now. Either you'll sign up under me or you'll choose to proceed to their website.
Referral Link:
Non-Referral Link:
2. Once you already signed up to their website, you need to activate your account. Check your email and click the link sent by Probux to activate your account. Remember, membership is absolutely free of charge.
3. You can now sign your account. You can see boxes on the upper part of your account. To earn you can choose with the following,
- View ads (4 fixed ads has corresponding amount of $0.01/ad, 16 daily exposure which has $0.001/ad and 5 maximum Extra ads which has $0.001/ad) or
- You can do simple task, which has minimum amount of $0.01 per task and maximum amount of $0.40 per task. (You just need to read the instructions on how to complete the task and right after you submit you'll be credited for it instant.
4. You can also play on their ProGrid. You just need to click 20 boxes for a standard member. If you are lucky you can possibly win in their game.
5. After you earn enough from doing those task, once you earned enough money you have 2(two) choices. Either you'll cashout your money or convert your money to your Probux funds.

Pros and Cons of Cashing Out your money after you reached the Minimum Payout:
- You can easily used and spend the money anywhere
- You can use this in emergency purposes
- You have instant money in your pocket
- You need to start over again to reach the minimum payout
- You need to work hard and click ads again and again and do some task.
- All effort is yours, so basically its quite hard to reach the minimum payout.
- It takes time to reach the minimum payout.

Pros and Cons of Transferring your Main Balance to your Probux Funds
- You can buy rented referrals
- It can help you earn money easily, with the help of your rented referrals
- Unlimited earnings because of your rented referrals
- Possibility to upgrade your account because of unlimited earnings with the help of your rented referrals
- You can easily reach your minimum payout
- You can earn more money with the help of your rented referrals.
- you do not have to invest more money to increase your earnings in probux
- You cannot cashout your money once you transferred it to your account.
- It can only be used to buy rented referrals, or if its big enough you can upgrade your account to Golden or Ultimate.

See the difference between the two. If you're going to choose to transfer your money/earnings to your Probux Funds then you are on the right track.

6. If you chose to transfer your main balance to your probux funds, then your earnings will be unlimited.
7. You can now, buy rented referrals using your Probux Funds.
What does rented referrals do?
- They will help you to increase your earnings
- In every click of your rented referrals you actually earned from them. 100% of their earnings in clicking ads will be added to your main balance.
- For Standard Member (Free Member) Maximum of rented referrals is 200
- Golden Member, maximum rented referrals is 2000 (This membership costs $70)
- Ultimate Member, maximum rented referrals is 4000 (This membership costs $780)
If you're going to invest or upgrade your membership of course there is a high earning opportunities. You can also upgrade your membership without investing any amount of money, just follow the steps that I am going to teach you.

Minimum rented referrals available to buy:
$0.60 (2 rented referrals), $2 (10 rented referrals), $4 (20 rented referrals), $10 (50 rented referrals), $14 (70 rented referrals), $20 (100 rented referrals)
You can even start with 2 rented referrals, and do it again and again once you earned enough funds.

8. Once you already have rented referrals, you can still do your own task for you to earn more money. So this is the road for your success. You just need to buy and buy rented referrals and do you own job to earn more money. Once you already reached the maximum number of rented referrals, you just your money stocked in your main balance.
9. Once you earned $70 you can now upgrade your membership into Golden. It has a lot of benefits. Minimum of $0.01 per click in daily exposure ad, $0.02 for fixed ads), maximum of 2000 rented referrals and every 5 days you can buy rented referrals.
10. Once you are Golden Member of Probux, you again buy rented referrals as many as possible but do not get any money from your pocket. Again, transfer you Main balance to your probux funds and do some task and viewing websites to earn.

Just repeat the steps in order for you to buy the Ultimate Membership. It is also possible if you have effort and interest on it, Enjoy and I hope you become successful as well like me!

If you have question just leave a comment here. Thank you for reading!
We can all become successful.