Have you heard of the famous term associated with the citizens of the Philippines which is the Filipino Time? What we meant by this is the attitude of the Filipinos being late. When a program or any appointment is supposed to start at around 10 AM, Filipinos would normally arrive 15 - 30 minutes after. You can hear many excuses such as - waking up late, running into a traffic jam, family matters, and etc.

Though I’m guilty at times, because yeah I come to the office late back then! Haha!! (I have a very valid excuse!) I experienced being late so I know the feeling that I’m super haggard and just wished I came early to prepare myself more. I experienced being an early bird too so I know that I’m losing some of my time and thought it must be spend for other important matters. I know that this attitude should be corrected. And so, as much as possible, I see to it that I follow the rules and pay some respect to other people. It’s just give and take, you know! :)

Hey, another thing. This downside should not be mistakenly applied to every Filipino. Because I’m telling you, there are still many early birds out there.

Have a good day ahead!

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